Language and culture play an important role in creating meeting places between different ethnic groups and societies. Sometimes this meeting feels daunting and difficult, with suspicious approach as a result. It is in human nature to waive the unknown. For us, walking the path of the love each other through making the unknown known.

The festival was out of a desire to show that in spite of the cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious differences are able to live together, where one can find the path to peace through knowledge- and cultural exchange.

We want with this festival preventing alienation, marginalization and femme diversity and respect for the other. It is focusing on this one can lay the foundation for peace. You may find that we are unable to create worldwide peace with this festival, but we can at least create a peaceful island.

These objects formed the basis when in 2009 we conducted the first festival at the University of Oslo. It was clear that people longed for such a “breath of fresh air”. With increased support was the second festival held in Oslo Congress Centre in 2010.

Increased awareness and interest led to the festivals held in three different cities year 2011 and 2012. Our new stage platforms were when the Oslo Concert Hall, Stavanger Concert Hall and Drammen Theatre. With young enthusiasts in action resulted annually in richer content and even more events in more cities. In 2015 SKF arranged five different festival events, where we took the stage in Moss for the first time and held open air festival at Akershus Fortress in Oslo and square Bragernes in Drammen.

This can experience the festival:

Show by:

  • Poems 
  • Song 
  • Folk Dance

In addition, you can experience:

  • stage performances
  • cultural exhibition with stands from different countries
  • food fair 
  • concerts
  • talent show
  • fine arts
  • photo

In the month of September, we send out a general announcement in Norway through our partners and organizations. 

Every year we share price award as “contribution to cultural exchange” to someone who has excelled in the area. This can be individuals, organizations, and agencies.


Language and culture are two important factors that highlights and preserves the nation’s identity. The Language and Culture association is the result of an 11-year long “journey” both nationally and internationally, where the volunteers had a goal that various ethnic groups should meet and using their language and culture become better acquainted with each other.

Through cultural festivals, excursions at home and abroad, social activities and support education for children and young people we have taken hold of the unknown and give it a big hug. The hope is that the love that emanates from our youth grow and reach out to other hearts. They embrace all obstacles and knows no boundaries.

The Language and culture association” organizes various activities, including festival events, activities, programs, seminars, field trips, holiday trips, as well as courses in various instruments, languages, art and crafts and folk dancing. The association is politically and religiously independent with the main group of children and young people, but the association is open to enthusiastic of all ages.

All work that appears in conjunction with the association is a major effort by volunteers enthusiastic leaders. SKF organizes annually the festival which is entitled “The International Language and Culture Festival – Colours of the World”, across the country in various cities in Norway.