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Language and Culture association organizes various activities, including festival events, seminars, field trips, holiday trips, as well as courses in various instruments, languages, art and crafts and folk dancing. The association is politically and religiously independent with the main group of children and young people, but the association is open to enthusiastic of all ages.

  • They have promoted the values of tolerance, indiscrimination, and inclusion, which are the core values of this festival.
    Khamshajiny Gunaratnam
    Deputy Mayor of Oslo
  • I think it was a very good festival and it is really nice that so many children from different countries show their culture, sing for peace and work to build bridges. I had a great time, so thanks to everyone who stand behind making such an event. I am very happy that Oslo hosted this event and I wish SKF good luck.    
    Yassine Arakia
    Member, Oslo City Council
  • This festival is very enjoyable with various countries of the world singing and showing how we should be living in harmony in the world.
    Eugene Czolij
    President of Ukrainian World Congress
  • In the Festival you could see very impressive quality in all that we have seen on stage today. At the same time it sent a very important message. I think that culture is one of the most important things we own. People meet each other and by creating meeting points you can exchange similarities and differences. The festival is by this means of big importance.
    Tage Petersen
    Ordfører i Moss
  • I think the festival is very nice because it shows the variousity of culture in an international city like Drammen. Here we live with backgrounds from 150 different countries, and I think Språk- og kulturfestivalen is doing a fantastic job each year promoting the cultural life in Drammen. I believe that it is important to use culture as an instrument to build bridges between different ethnicities, in this way, this festival is very important.
    ordfører Drammen kommune
  • It was a fantastic and great event. A lot of fun to see all the talented children from all different places. A very good event. I think when humans and children come together around culture; it comes so much good out of it. This is very nice.
    Geir Morten Hansen
    Rektor, Drammen kulturskolen
  • Very nice,  great and varied. Youthful and fresh. I think that Norway also has become a multicultural society, so it is very important to have arenas like this. And it is great to benefit from the youth and music, because music is a part of your national language and there we can find each other. I really enjoyed it.
    Lars Jegleim
    Rektor, Moss kulturskole
  • It is a lovely day. It symbolizes the unity of all countries in spite of the differences in colors, in languages, in the geographical areas, but nevertheless, we are one humanity and will always be one. This comes at the very opportune time where the world needs to feel that we will stand hand in hand against terrorism in the world.
    Dr Mahy Hassan Abdellatif Mohamed
    Egypt’s Ambassador to Norway
  • I am so glad to attend this festival and so happy to present our culture to the people who attend the festival. Thank you for the organization and the organizers for this wonderful festival.
    Dr LE Thi Tuyet Mai
    Vietnam’s Ambassador to Norway
  • It is a beautiful event with youthful joy. It shows how similar we are despite of country borders, culture, skin color and language. When people meet each other in events like this, we see that we are all humans and realize how important it is to remember those who are living in poor conditions. It is fantastic that we can meet like this.
    Roy Cato Einarsen
  • This was fantastic. It was a real pleasure to be a police officer and to be here tonight. Thank you very much. It is about the importance of building bridges in the community, where we have big challenges today. We need such positive events and to stand together in the name of love – that is remarkable.
    Therese Lutnæs
  • This festival is a joy for all participants and all the guests. The brightness is not only in these colours but also in the children with the songs in different languages, with the variety which we see. We can really confirm that this brightness was everywhere in the audience.
    Førstesekretær for konsulære saker, Den ukrainske ambassade i Norge
  • I think this is a big opportunity for people around the whole world to meet, and I think it is a fantastic experience, especially for the children. I hope this will create more unity, more diversity and more peace in the future. We need more of these events in the future.
    Houmad Achour
    Chairman of MOSAIC


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