Future Builders will be held between 14th-19th April in Poland with 36 participants from 10 countries.  Hurry up to be one of them!  








Future Builders contributes to the professional development of youth workers to train young people on key competences needed on the labour market (such as entrepreneurship, visual communication, social and civic competences), and help them on finding their professional path through volunteering activities, and efficient career counselling. By training their and other organizations’ youth workers, the Future Builders partner organizations also aim at developing a network of youth workers that can significantly increase the number of young people reached through their programmes in Europe, and multiply and disseminate the good practices developed within the project. 
Thus, the project’s priority is to provide youth workers with trainers knowledge and skills in order to provide workshops on visual communication, entrepreneurship, volunteering and work counselling, to professionally help young people to better integrate on the labor market. 
TC aims at professionalizing 30 youth workers from ten Programme Countries (Georgia, Ireland, Lithuania, Macedonia (FYROM), Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain). in developing meaningful workshops for youth enhancing their work opportunities.


The 1st part of the training course focuses on the training methodology. The youth workers will gain basic knowledge and they will acquire specific skills on: setting goals for workshops, assessing workshop participants, planning workshops, developing the structure of workshops, adapting workshops to different types of learners, developing the appropriate workshops methods for youth, and dealing with difficult behaviours during workshops.

The 2nd part of the TC focuses on acquiring knowledge, skills and competences on the following topics: entrepreneurship, visual communication, volunteering and career counselling. The participants will attend workshops on the mentioned topics, while learning tips and tricks on delivering similar workshops for youth. The last part of the TC is about capitalizing on the knowledge, skills, and competences already developed. Based on what they learned, and with the help of the workshops scenarios provided by the trainers in a training toolkit, the participants will have to deliver short-workshops for the other participants. Thus, they will learn how to deliver workshops for youth through a hands-on experience, receiving direct and on the spot feedback from the participants and from the trainers. Through all the TC, the participants will develop digital competences, learning about applications or softwares they can use in their personal / professional lives, but mostly in the workshops they can deliver for youth. 

The specific objectives of the training course are: 

– Equip the youth workers with knowledge and skills on workshop design. 
– Equip the youth workers with theory and possible workshop scenarios on Visual Communication, Entrepreneurship, Career Counseling and Volunteering. 
– Develop the youth workers digital competences; 
– Develop the youth workers knowledge about evaluation and assessment methods for workshops, workshop participants or young people, in general; 
– Develop the youth workers cultural understanding as well as communication skills. 
The Future Builders TC will improve or develop youth workers’ training skills. Being able to conduct professional workshops on visual communication, entrepreneurship, volunteering and career counseling will help youth workers to provide young people with the freedom that education brings along – to strive for more and develop their interests and passions, which ultimately will provide them better work opportunities. In other words, the youth workers will build the FUTURE of the young people, allowing them to reach and take advantage of opportunities that surround them.